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Emergis' Proposition

Emergis leads a new generation of merchant banking, specializing in cross-border investing, embodying an innovative approach to the investment process implemented by a high caliber and experienced team of experts in our four core disciplines of Business Transformation, Investment Banking, Thought Leadership & Strategic Advisory and Asset Management.

We believe healthy assets attract capital and emphasize the ability to assess, remediate and strategically redirect an enterprise as an essential element of the investment process, and a precondition to accessing capital.

We focus on the application of technology in creating measurable value for our clients in the assessment, transformation, placement and post-placement monitoring phases of the investment cycle.

Essential features of our business include:


Cross-Border Investment Specialists…Maximizing Value For Investors via Business Transformation & Technology


Local Relationships • Global Reach

  • Deep sector and industry experience
  • Expertise in operating in diverse environments and markets
  • Ability to manage multi-member investor and stakeholder communications
  • In-country teams, with strong relationship harvesting deal-pipeline supported by “centers of excellence” in our London, New York, Boston, and San Francisco offices
  • Global investor relationships optimizing distribution capabilities

Value Added Expertise

  • Transformational management capability
  • Innovative technology-oriented business solutions
  • Access to global capital via an extensive network of investors
  • Relationship-oriented business culture
  • Cross-border placement execution ability
  • “Hands-on” post-placement monitoring
  • Exit strategy formulation and execution

Social Responsibility

Emergis is committed to operating in a manner that takes into account the social, environmental and sustainable economic impacts of its business. Our corporate policies will reflect the integration of responsible and ethical practices into our daily business operations and long-range planning.

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